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The ALUS concept was created in Manitoba. In fact, Canada’s first-ever ALUS pilot project took place from 2006 to 2009 in Blanshard Municipality, within the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District, Manitoba.




In 2014, the ALUS program was relaunched in Manitoba as a partnership between ALUS Canada and the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District. The ALUS Little Saskatchewan River program includes the original Blanchard pilot project, plus a much-expanded area around it: the Conservation District covers a territory of about one million acres, or 4,000 square kilometres, with a population of 10,000 people including the Town of Minnedosa.

In its initial year of operation in 2015, ALUS Little Saskatchewan River enrolled a full 1,300 acres into the ALUS program, and signed agreements with ten landowners, who receive invaluable support as well as annual payments through ALUS Canada. Today, ALUS Program Coordinator Colleen Cuvelier reports that the program is on track to reach 2,000 acres and 20 landowners by the end of this second year of the program.

Typical projects in this ALUS community include seeding permanent cover on marginal croplands, as well as building riparian fencing to keep livestock out of waterways, often with the installation of offsite watering systems, in order to meet livestock’s water needs while also protecting water quality within the watershed.

“The ALUS program is a great tool in our toolbox at the Conservation District,” says Cuvelier. “It is helping us to achieve the five goals of our integrated watershed plan, which is focused on safe drinking water, surface water management, surface water quality, groundwater quality and quantity, and the maintenance and restoration of natural areas—wetlands primarily, but also bush and forested areas.”

All these natural areas are important for producing clean air, habitat, clean water, groundwater recharge and flood prevention, she says, “as preserving the natural areas that already exist helps prevent flooding. Wetlands are nature’s kidneys!”

“The majority of our drinking water comes from the ground,“ Cuvelier says, “so we don’t want to pollute it, and we want to be sure to allow for the recharge of our underground aquifers. ALUS helps us accomplish this.”

“The Conservation District already utilizes beneficial management practices such as offsite watering systems and seeding down marginal land, but ALUS brings it to the next level,” Cuvelier says. “For ALUS to pay for the ecosystem services produced by these projects helps us to reach people that we couldn’t have reached otherwise.”

ALUS is also helping the community adapt to climate change. “Things have changed. We’ve had wet conditions for ten years in Manitoba, and areas that used to be cropped annually are now too wet to be cropped. So now what do we do? Rather than let those areas become a weed patch, we can seed it down with perennial seed–alfalfa and grasses, or a mixture that suits the landowner’s goals. This area will then produce forage that can be cut for livestock feed, or it can be left for birds and waterfowl to use as nesting cover, or for habitat for deer and other wildlife. It’s a great solution.”

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ALUS Projects in Little Saskatchewan River

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News & Events in Little Saskatchewan River

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Thanks to funding from the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program, ALUS is putting beneficial projects on the ground in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and bringing the community out to see them.
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Nearly $1M in federal funding for aquatic SAR in ALUS Prairie Hub

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PRESS RELEASE | Regina, Saskatchewan, March 20, 2020 | ALUS Canada announces nearly $1M in new federal funding for aquatic species at risk in the Prairies
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ALUS LSR participants Gord and Marg Hammell partnered with both ALUS and the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation to enhance nature on their farmland, a great representation of ALUS Canada’s integrated approach to land stewardship.
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TD Bank Group sponsors launch of New Acre™ Project, ALUS Canada’s innovative corporate-sponsorship program.

Posted October 29, 2019 in Manitoba

TD Bank Group named as launch sponsor of ALUS’ innovative corporate-sponsorship program: PRESS RELEASE | Toronto, October 29, 2019 | With a two-year commitment of $220,000 through their corporate citizenship platform, The Ready Commitment, TD will help ALUS roll out the New Acre™ Project, expand its bilingual materials and raise awareness across the country.
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ALUS Canada and Government of Manitoba’s GROW program increase conservation funding

Posted October 22, 2019 in Manitoba

PRESS RELEASE | Glenlea, Manitoba, October 22, 2019 | ALUS Canada and Government of Manitoba’s GROW program increase conservation funding in the province.
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