Sustaining agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians—one acre at a time

ALUS helps farmers and ranchers produce ecosystem services on their land. These include cleaner air, cleaner water, flood mitigation, carbon sequestration, species at risk habitat and support for native bees and pollinators.

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See ALUS on the Ground

Active in six provinces to date, the ALUS program links Canada’s natural heritage across agricultural lands. With funding from a variety of sources, ALUS will continue to grow and establish new communities across Canada. Click on any province for more detail.

National Brochure

ALUS: Sustaining agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all  Canadians—one acre at a time. Learn more.

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ALUS Planting Projects

ALUS tree- and shrub-planting projects produce acres of habitat and help create wildlife corridors across the working landscape. Pictured here: ALUS Peterborough tree planting project, Ontario

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ALUS Riparian Projects

ALUS riparian projects provide wildlife habitat and capture phosphorus and soil erosion from agricultural runoff to improve water quality in streams, rivers and lakes. Pictured here: Guided tour of an ALUS Elgin riparian project, Ontario

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Beyond conservation to production

New Acre Project is the next generation of Canadian conservation. Our proven model produces cleaner water, cleaner air and an ecosystem for wildlife habitat.
Incorporate the New Acre into your corporate sponsorshop portfolio today!

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Return on your investment

New Acre Project promises your corporation a simple and transparent return on your investment.

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Creating shared value

With New Acre Project, you can help rebuild nature, one acre at a time.

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Community leadership

New Acre Project provides unique opportunities for your company to deepen its community ties.

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Latest ALUS News

Meet the Hughes Family, ALUS Trailblazers

ALUS helps the Hughes produce cleaner air, cleaner water and greater biodiversity by enhancing wetlands and riparian areas along the Buck Lake Creek.

Meet ALUS Trailblazers Sean and Holly LaBrie

ALUS helps the LaBries produce cleaner air, cleaner water and greater biodiversity by enhancing wetlands and riparian areas along the Dogpound Creek.

ALUS Adds Entrepreneurial Spirit to New Acre Team

Joining the ALUS Canada team in September, Jill Weaver becomes ALUS Canada’s Manager of Business Development to help grow ALUS’ New Acre Project.

Celebrating Ten Years of ALUS Vermilion River

ALUS Vermilion River exemplifies the strengths of the community development and ecosystem services delivered by the participants and community members in the ALUS program.

The 2020 Weston Family Research Innovation Award

Dr. Amy Newman, Associate Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph, for receives the 2020 Weston Family Research Innovation Award

ALUS Canada and the Weston Family Foundation present the 2020 Dave Reid Award

Congratulations to Marc Bercier, ALUS Ontario East participant and PAC member, for receiving the 2020 Dave Reid Award.

Five Generations of Ranching

With a legacy of over 110 years, the Vergouwens steward the land and water just as those who came before them did.

Deep Roots on the Prairies

ALUS participant Dennis Norosky cultivates grain, but he also protects wetlands and helps mitigate flooding downstream from his land just outside Newdale, Manitoba.

Former Microsoft tech advocate allies with ALUS

ALUS Canada is thrilled to welcome former Microsoft executive Mary-Ellen Anderson to the team, as our Head of Special Projects and Innovation.

John D. Coyne joins ALUS Canada’s Board of Directors

ALUS Canada is delighted to welcome Unilever sustainability expert John D. Coyne to the Board of Directors.

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A Weston Family Initiative

“We believe strongly in the ALUS model, which delivers ecological outcomes while engaging local communities.” Tamara Rebanks, Director, The Weston Family Foundation

ALUS Canada is a Weston Family Initiative. The Weston Family Foundation’s generous and long-standing commitment to ALUS Canada has played a critical role in growing ALUS into a truly national not-for-profit organization, one that is rapidly expanding into many new communities across the country.

photo: W. Garfield Weston by Yousuf Karsh, ca. 1943

ALUS Supporters

Generous funding from public and private sources enables ALUS to put green infrastructure projects on the agricultural landscape. Our supporters help create pollinator hedgerows in Ontario, shelterbelts in Alberta, wetlands in the Prairies, wildlife habitat in Quebec, clean streams in PEI, and much more across Canada.

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ALUS in Action

ALUS projects establish pollinator habitat, improve wetlands, protect waterways, plant trees and shrubs, and much more.

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ALUS Canada by the Numbers

Snapshot of ALUS Canada’s impact on the ground.

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Ecosystem Services

Through ALUS, Canadians can fund acres of wildlife habitat, carbon capture, cleaner air, cleaner water, pollinator meadows, and more.

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ALUS Farmers & Ranchers

As the largest single group of landowners in Canada, agricultural producers are in a unique position to provide solutions to some of the most pressing conservation challenges of our time, including climate change and biodiversity loss. ALUS participants actively produce ecosystem services on the working landscape, to benefit the wider community.

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Foundational Partner

ALUS Canada proudly recognizes Delta Waterfowl as a Foundational Partner. Delta was instrumental in launching the first-ever ALUS pilot project, which took place in Blanshard, Manitoba, from 2006 to 2009, and the second ALUS pilot, in Norfolk, Ontario, which remains the longest continually running ALUS program in Canada. Delta also co-wrote the “ALUS bible,” which laid out the original principles of the program. In 2016, ALUS left the Delta nest, becoming ALUS Canada, A Weston Family Initiative.