ALUS helps farmers and ranchers build nature-based solutions on their land.


Communities manage the ALUS program, prioritizing local agricultural and environmental priorities.


Farmers and ranchers provide important solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss.


ALUS provides support and technical expertise on green infrastructure projects and nature-based solutions.

It takes a village...

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

At ALUS, we know it takes a community and a network of farmers and ranchers to create rural resilience and produce, enhance and maintain ecosystem services on agricultural lands.

This is why ALUS is community-developed and farmer-delivered.

Growing Happiness And Biodiversity

Marcus & Sarah Riedner foster happiness, agriculture and ecosystems at their farm, Happiness by the Acre.

The Riedner family’s achievements are not to be understated. Based on soil sampling, the Riedners have found that organic matter across the farm, including in the ALUS protected areas, has improved dramatically.

Devoted to the Land

Kirk and Gail Bridgeman have raised horses and stewarded their land unfailingly for decades.

Kirk and Gail have always made it their mission to achieve harmony with the natural environment. Joining ALUS Assiniboine West in 2015 was a perfect fit for the Bridgeman’s environmental ethos.

How to Make Your Farm Work Better

Chris and Vivian Crump are always looking to make their farm work better, which led them on a journey to become environmental stewards.

To make their operation as effective as it could be, Chris and Vivian needed solutions to stop their topsoil washing away, improve the pastureland their cattle were on and keep manure from washing into the local watercourse.

Your Contribution Helps Us Grow

As the largest single group of landowners in North America, agricultural producers are in a unique position to provide solutions to some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, including biodiversity loss and climate change.

Get involved with ALUS by donating, becoming a sponsor, or signing up as a participant or community, and support the creation of resilient landscapes that value agriculture and biodiversity.

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