Duane Movald Receives the 2021 Dave Reid Award from ALUS

Congratulations to Duane Movald, ALUS Brazeau participant and PAC chair, who has been awarded the 2021 Dave Reid Award in the amount of $10,000.

Duane Movald, 2021 Dave Reid Award recipient (© Keith Ahlstrom).

Duane is presented with the 2021 Dave Reid Award by Christine Campbell, ALUS Senior Hub Manager, recognizing stewardship and a commitment to agriculture as a way of life. (© Keith Ahlstrom)

The 2021 Dave Reid Award, in the amount of $10,000, has been presented to Duane Movald, ALUS Brazeau participant and chair of its Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) since the program launched in Brazeau County, Alberta in 2016. 

 “Duane Movald is exemplary among ALUS participants, which is why the organization is so pleased to recognize him for his efforts,” said Bryan Gilvesy, CEO, ALUS. “Through his commitment to stewardship, Duane embodies ALUS as a movement of farmers and ranchers seeking ways to improve their land and their communities.” 

Owner and operator of Movald Ranches, Duane Movald has been a vocal advocate for the ALUS program, sharing its benefits for farmers and ranchers and its successes with the environment. 

“The ALUS program is truly like no other. Farmers receive acknowledgement for the environmental work that they are doing, work that benefits the greater good of all society,” said Movald. 

Duane and his family were among the first to complete a project with ALUS Brazeau. Now a few years into their ALUS riparian management project, there are noticeable changes to the land encompassed by the project.  

New tree saplings have emerged along the bank of the watercourse, banks that were previously slumping and without vegetation. These trees help stabilize the banks, preventing topsoil erosion, which can foul the water and diminish the land. The stabilized banks and the root system of the trees also helps mitigate the impacts of flood. 

The Movalds now utilize that project area as a pasture cell, which only sees light grazing when necessary. This usage enables a greater diversity of plant species to develop and grow on the land. These plants help mitigate waterflow, capture sediment and provide cleaner water downstream.  

“We are entering a pivotal time in history where the importance of green infrastructure will begin to be recognized as a huge part of the bigger overall picture, and it is an amazing thing to be able to play a role in that,” said Duane.

Duane Movald, 2021 Dave Reid Award recipient (© Keith Ahlstrom).

Duane stands in front of the wetland he’s worked with ALUS to keep healthy and functional. (© Keith Ahlstrom)

Formerly known as the ALUS Canada Producer Innovation Award, the Dave Reid Award has previously been presented to Marc Bercier (ALUS Ontario East) in 2020, Tom Towers (ALUS Red Deer County) in 2019, Joe Csoff (ALUS Norfolk) in 2018 and Gerry Taillieu (ALUS Parkland) in 2016  

This year, the Dave Reid award recognized three runners up. Sarah Hargreaves and Drake Larsen, ALUS Elgin, and Olivier Martin, ALUS Montérégie.  

Drake and Sarah, co-owners and educators at Three Ridges Ecological Farm, were recognized in part for their innovative and complex wetland and their warm season pasture. These ecosystem projects complement one another, providing an enhanced capability for critical wildlife habitat, preventing erosion and filtering surface and ground water.   

“We are grateful for our ALUS community and their support for the stewardship projects on our farm. The financial support is a nice acknowledgement of the time and effort that conservation practices take to establish and maintain,” said Drake. 

Sarah Hargreaves and Drake Larsen, 2021 Dave Reid Award runners-up (© Greg Lynch, Huff Media).

Sarah and Drake stand with their award among native wildflowers that support pollinators on their farm (© Greg Lynch, Huff Media)

ALUS Montérégie participant, Olivier Martin, owns and operates Ferme Gestion Petit Manoir Inc. Olivier was recognized for his ambassadorship on behalf of the ALUS Montérégie program and for his ambitious ecosystem projects, including a double-row multi-species hedge comprised of trees, shrubs and other herbaceous plants that functions as a buffer and wildlife corridor between his agricultural land and a neighbouring woodland. 

Olivier Martin, 2021 Dave Reid Award runner-up (© Philippe Boivin).

Olivier stands with his award in front of his 8-meter wide riparian buffer that helps protect the watercourse that runs along his land. (© Philippe Boivin)

“As a farmer, it’s important to me to ensure the sustainability of the land and water for my daughters, so they can enjoy it in the future. ALUS is helping me accomplish that,” said Martin.

All ALUS supporters, program coordinators, PAC members and participants are also to be congratulated. The amazing work of the more than 1,100 ALUS participants wouldn’t be achievable without them. Together, they are rebuilding our natural heritage and ensuring a healthy and resilient future for the environment 

About ALUS
ALUS (originally an acronym for Alternative Land Use Services) is charitable organization that sustains agriculture and biodiversity for the benefit of communities and future generations. ALUS provides direct financial and technical support to a network of more than a thousand farmers and ranchers who deliver ecosystem services in more than 30 communities across Canada, such as cleaner air, cleaner water, carbon sequestration, erosion control, flood mitigation, pollinator support and wildlife habitat. Contact us for more information.


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