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ALUS SAW is a unique and exciting collaboration between the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds and ALUS. This collaboration was launched in the Carrot River watershed with the goal of bringing the ALUS model to farming and ranching communities across Saskatchewan in the coming years.

The Carrot River Watershed community is found in a transition area between the boreal forest to the north and the grasslands to the south. The climate can be described as short, warm summers and long, cold winters with continuous snow cover. Due to a favourable climate and fertile black soils this area represents some of the most productive agricultural land on the prairies. A wide diversity of crops including cereals, oilseeds, forages and speciality crops are grown here. The landscape consists of numerous tree-ringed small lakes, ponds and sloughs that provide habitat for waterfowl and wildlife.

ALUS SAW-Carrot River will be undertaking a variety of nature-based projects through the community, including perennial forage establishment, exclusion fencing, alternative watering systems, enhanced wetlands and riparian areas, as well as shelterbelts and tree planting.

Farmers and ranchers are stewards of the land in the Carrot River watershed and are making decisions to benefit the environment, their communities and future generations. With the help of ALUS, these farmers and ranchers will be able to develop more projects that generate ecosystem services and build economic and environmental resilience, while showcase their production practices to others within the community.

Outcomes generated by projects in the ALUS-SAW Carrot River community will include improved water quality and quantity through the implementation of buffer strips and wetland enhancements; invasive weed control; improved riparian health; and additions to wildlife habitat, including for waterfowl and pollinators.

Guided by a local Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC), which is majority comprised of local agricultural producers, the ALUS model ensures that projects are determined at the local level to address the community’s environmental and economic priorities. 

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