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The ALUS Two Hills program produces beneficial ecosystem services for the community through ALUS projects on local farms and ranches.




Launched in June 2020, The County of Two Hills’ ALUS program is focused on the restoration of wetlands currently being farmed for commodity production, such as grain or cattle, and converting that back into duck and wildlife habitat.

The County of Two Hills No. 21 is located northeast of Edmonton Alberta and is bordered by the County of St. Paul to the north, County of Lamont to the west, County of Minburn to the south and County of Vermilion River to the east.

Agriculture is one of the major economic activities in County of Two Hills, though the east end of the County has a developing gas and oil industry.

The county is bordered to the North by the North Saskatchewan River and has the Vermilion River running through the middle of it. There are many small creeks and tributaries running throughout the County. Three Recreational Parks are located in the county: Jackfish Lake, Sandy Lake and Lac Sante.

In every ALUS community, ALUS staff works closely with landowners to develop and support projects that are best suited to local needs and priorities. The ALUS Two Hills program aims to help address important environmental issues with riparian health and the loss of wetlands and native grasslands in order to drive better outcomes for farmers and ranchers.

The ALUS Two Hills Program Coordinator will work with farmers and ranchers to help establish these projects, while participants receive annual, per-acre payments for the management and maintenance of these projects on their land.

Through their ALUS projects, ALUS Two Hills participants will help to produce cleaner water, cleaner air and more biodiversity, including pollinator habitat, for the benefit of everyone in the community.

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