ALUS Laurentides

Launched in 2023, the ALUS Laurentides program is a partnership between ALUS and the Fédération de l’UPA de Outaouais-Laurentides (FUPAOL).

The program ALUS Laurentides includes Montreal and Laval covering a territory of 23 000 square kilometers on the traditional territory of the Algonquin and Iroquois First Nations. This territory includes close to 200,000 ha of farmland (10% of the region). 

In 2022, the Laurentians and the Montreal / Laval area, represented 36,1% of Quebec’s population and 38% of its jobs, and were home to more than 1,300 farms. Dairy and market-garden producers are the mainstays of the region, but there are also horticultural, cereal, poultry and egg producers.

The region is bordered by the Saint Lawrence River in the South that is one of the largest river systems in the world and drains more than 25% of the world’s freshwater.  The region is bordered by Outaouais to the west and Lanaudière to the east. It is renowned for the Laurentian mountains and is a popular tourist destination year-around. Agritourism activity is on the rise in the area due to the proximity to the Montreal metropolitan region and strong regional demographic growth. 

ALUS Laurentides’ goal is to support local objectives and targets concerning the development of the agricultural sector and the preservation of the environment. Particularly, water management and species at risk preservation in a per-urban context.

The program focus areas are;

  • Un-grazed or uncut reserves for monarchs, pollinators and birds such as; the bobolink, eastern meadowlark and grasshopper sparrow.
  • Riparian areas and windbreak projects providing habitats for pollinators, the Blanding’s turtle, barn swallow and red-headed woodpecker. 

ALUS Laurentides manages these projects under its legal entity FUPAOL, which is committed to the implementation of the ALUS program. The Federation is an agricultural trade union, which bases its raison d’être and its actions on values of respect for the individual, solidarity, collective action, social justice, equity and democracy. Its mission is to promote, defend and develop the professional, economic, social and moral interests of its members.


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Promoting Species at Risk in Agriculture

Promoting Species at Risk in Agriculture

ALUS, the Fédération de l'UPA de la Montérégie and the Fédération de l’UPA Outaouais-Laurentide jointly launch valuable online resources to support conservation of species at risk on agricultural lands in Quebec.   Image of a Bobolink. Allowing native grasses to grow...

ALUS Laurentides Coordinators

Maria José Maezo

Maria José Maezo

Conseillère en agroenvironnement

[email protected]

(514) 796-6395

Stephanie Hedrei

Stephanie Hedrei

Conseillère en agroenvironnement

[email protected]

(438) 258-4166

Environment and Climate change Canada

UPA Outaouais- Laurentides

Frédérick Alary
President of the PAC and Producer (Ferme Raymond Alary et fils)

Réal Gauthier
Producer (Les fermes Belvache)

Audrey Lemaire
Producer (Ferme Forget 2001 inc.) and member of the Executive Council of the Fédération UPA Outaouais-Laurentides

Gabrielle Lalande
Producer (Ferme Lalande)

Valérie Campeau
Producer (Jardins bio Solstice)

Heather Usher
Producer (Bennett Farm)

Vincent Blondin
Beef producer (Ferme Kirk Senc) and agronomist (BOVI-Expert)

Derek Vaillancourt
Producer (Ferme d’Auteuil & Kiosque Chez Vaillancourt)

Josiane Prince
Producer and Agronomist, Lactanet

Julien Fortier
Project manager & Agroforestry researcher, Éco-corridors laurentiens

Marie-Ève Lavoie
Agri-environmental consultant, Profiteausol

Xavier Bernard
Agronomist, MAPAQ

Arianne St-Pierre
Project Manager, Nature Action Québec

Mélanie Lauzon
General Manager, Abrinord

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