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ALUS Lanaudière was launched in 2024. The program is a partnership between ALUS and Fédération de l’UPA de Lanaudière (FUPAL).

Situated on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, the region is comprised of six regional county municipalities (RCM), 57 local municipalities,12 unorganized territories and one indigenous territory. Lanaudière covers an area of over 13 500 square kilometres and counts over 600 000 inhabitants. It is bordered by the Laurentians to the west and Mauricie to the east.

The region’s landscape is comprised of the agricultural plain of the St. Lawrence Lowlands to the south and the Laurentian Mountains to the north. The region boasts nearly 1,600 farms, and its rural population accounts for 25.2% of its inhabitants. The agricultural zone covers an area of 206,000 ha, or 16.7% of the region’s total surface area, of which 55% (113,000 ha) is cultivated.

In Lanaudière, the agriculture industry plays an important economic role. The region distinguishes itself thanks to the renowned diversity of its products and production, and its agricultural producers mainly cultivate cereal, dairy, poultry and pork as well as horticulture.

ALUS Lanaudière supports various types of ecological and biodiversity projects on marginal and ecologically sensitive farmland in the region. It is in line with local agri-environmental priorities to provide more biodiversity and habitats for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. ALUS Lanaudière targets planting projects (extended riparian buffer strips, windbreaks, reforestation of agricultural corridors, and more ), development of meadows for pollinators (pre-flowering, flower strips) and adapted agriculture (mowing and delayed grazing). ALUS Lanaudière intends to participate in the achievement of locally defined objectives to improve water and air quality, wildlife habitats and other ecosystem services, thereby enhancing the health and conservation of agricultural soils.

The Fédération de l’UPA de Lanaudière advocates the values of respect for the individual, and further bases its mission on values of solidarity, collective action, social justice, equity and democracy. The UPA’s mission is to promote, defend and develop the professional, economicand social interests of agricultural and forestry producers.



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Promoting Species at Risk in Agriculture

Promoting Species at Risk in Agriculture

ALUS, the Fédération de l'UPA de la Montérégie and the Fédération de l’UPA Outaouais-Laurentide jointly launch valuable online resources to support conservation of species at risk on agricultural lands in Quebec.   Image of a Bobolink. Allowing native grasses to grow...

ALUS Lanaudière Coordinator

Dominic Brochu, arg.

Dominic Brochu, arg.

Agent en agroenvironnement

Tél. : 450 753-7486, poste 238

Téléc. : 450-759-7610

[email protected]

Pier-Luc Hervieux

President of the ALUS Lanaudière Committee and producer, Vice President of La relève agricole du Québec (Ferdinand Hervieux inc.)

Olivier Houle
Vice-President of the ALUS Lanaudière Committee, dairy producer (Ferme Quiri inc.) and Vice-President of the Lanaudière Milk Producers

Réjean Allard
President of the Achigan-Montcalm local unio and large-scale crop producer (Ferme M. et R. Allard enr.)

Suzanne Duquette
Pork and crop producer (Ferme Duquette et Compagnie), Vice President of the Lanaudière-Outaouais-Laurentides pork breeders’ union

Martin Lauzon
Pork and grain producer (Les Entreprises Martin Lauzon),  Vice President, Lanaudière Grain Growers

René Forest
Potato grower, Vice President of the Autray local union (Les Cultures Georges Forest & Fils inc.)

Xavier Bernard
Agri-environmental Consultant and Prime-Vert Program Manager (MAPAQ, Direction régionale de Montréal-Laval-Lanaudière)

Karine Loranger
BV L’Assomption (OBV CARA), Représentante des OBV – Assistant Director and Communications Manager

Khaled Lajnef
Agriculture Technician – Services AgriXpert

Benoît Couture
Director General of the Lanaudière Private Forest Agency

Sébastien Dicso
Planning and Development Consultant – MRC L’Assomption
Représentant des MRC de Lanaudière

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