First-ever ALUS Montérégie field day a success

ALUS Canada was proud to join the team at ALUS Montérégie and approximately 35 guests on September 14, 2017, for the first-ever ALUS Montérégie field day.

ALUS Monteregie hedgerow

This ALUS Montérégie project is a one-kilometer long, six-meter wide hedgerow that produces important habitat for pollinators and forms a safe corridor through the farm, connecting wildlife to nearby forest and river habitats.

We thank ALUS Montérégie participants André Pilon and his family for opening up their property (Ferme Iber-Grains S.E.N.C.) for this important milestone in the development of ALUS in Quebec.

It was a beautiful day for a farm tour. Guests enjoyed a guided tour of several ALUS projects on the site, including a riparian buffer zone that is producing cleaner water and habitat for pollinators and fish, and a kilometer-long hedgerow that connects to the nearby forest and river to create a wildlife corridor.

The ALUS Montérégie program is a partnership between ALUS Canada and the Federation de l’UPA de la Montérégie, a branch of the provincial farmer’s union headquartered in the South Shore region of Montreal, that was launched a little more than one year ago (read the story here).

The ALUS Montérégie team has done a stellar job developing the first ALUS program in Quebec, particularly the PAC Chair, Christian Saint Jacques, who is also the President of the Federation de l’UPA de la Montérégie, and the ALUS program coordinators, Yasmina Larbi-Youcef and César Largaespada.

In what is only its second year of operations, ALUS Montérégie now manages 15 ALUS farmers, who have 34 ALUS projects on the ground. They have already devoted nearly 37 acres to the production of cleaner air, cleaner water, habitat for pollinators, fish and other wildlife, as part of a full suite of ecological services that benefit Quebec’s communities.

We expect more great things from ALUS in Quebec!


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