Aurora Partners with New Acre Project to Fund Community Environmental Initiatives

Aurora Cannabis Inc. , a global leader in the cannabis industry serving both the medical and consumer markets, announces a $50,000 New AcreTM
Project sponsorship

Aurora Valley outdoor grow facility.

Aurora Valley outdoor grow facility.

This sponsorship will create shared value for Aurora by taking action to address climate change, while directly supporting communities around Aurora facilities in Ontario (ALUS Peterborough, ALUS Norfolk) and Alberta (ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc), with the desire to make this a long-term commitment.

“Aurora’s New Acre Project Sponsorship demonstrates leadership within the cannabis industry, taking a step forward to address climate change by helping communities solve local environmental challenges,” says Bryan Gilvesy, CEO of ALUS. “ALUS looks forward to working with Aurora to create a positive impact in the communities where they operate.”

With support from Aurora, ALUS will steward 50 New Acre™ Project acres, helping to restore wetlands and grasslands, create pollinator and wildlife habitat, reforest, plant windbreaks, install riparian buffers, manage sustainable drainage systems and establish other ecologically beneficial projects, as well as ongoing maintenance and project monitoring.

Through this sponsorship, Aurora also aspires to create a shared sense of purpose for its employees around enhancing nature and society for future generations.

“As a proudly Canadian company, and global leader, Aurora deeply values the communities where we work and live,” says Miguel Martin, CEO. “As corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to our environment beyond offsetting, whether that’s by improving processes within our business to be more environmentally-conscious or supporting our communities to thrive.”

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Supports insects, birds, bats and other creatures

Climate Change

Sequesters carbon in the soil

Katherine Balpataky-

Katherine Balpataky

Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships

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Managed by ALUS’ local community partners and the people who know their land best, projects funded by New AcreTM Nature Investments deliver credible and reliable acre-based outcomes you can trust.

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