A Season of Growth

ALUS Canada by the Numbers 2019

ALUS Canada has been growing in a carefully managed way for several years now, and this past year was a great example. Some highlights:

As of April 1, 2019, ALUS Canada has disbursed nearly $8.1 M in funding to ALUS communities across Canada, an investment that is multiplied by farmers, ranchers and communities on the ground.

There is a new total of nearly 24,000 acres enrolled in the ALUS program, thanks to almost 750 participants from 25 Canadian communities, spread across six provinces: PEI, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

In the past year, ALUS Canada disbursed nearly $1.6 M in funding to ALUS communities across Canada and established four new ALUS communities: ALUS Chatham-Kent in Ontario, ALUS Wheatland and ALUS Rocky View in Alberta, and also started funding the ALUS program in PEI, as announced last September.

More than 200 Canadian farmers and ranchers joined ALUS last year alone, enrolling nearly 5,400 acres into the program.

A bird’s eye view of each regional Hub:

  • Eastern Hub: There are now nine ALUS communities in Quebec and Ontario, with more than 400 participants who have enrolled nearly 3,300 acres (more than 1300 hectares) into the ALUS program.
  • Prairie Hub: Manitoba and Saskatchewan now have more than 70 ALUS participants in three communities, and more than 7,000 acres enrolled into the ALUS program.
  • Western Hub: With 12 ALUS communities in Alberta, there are now more than 230 ALUS participants in our Western Hub, and more than 12,500 acres enrolled into the ALUS program.

These ALUS pollinator, woodland, grassland and wetland projects produce important ecosystem services, including cleaner air, cleaner water and more biodiversity, for the benefit of Canadian communities.

We are proud to be working with all our partners, participants and supporters, and together to be making such a positive impact on the ground across Canada.

Here’s to another season of growth!

ALUS stats infographic 2019



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