ALUS Wheatland

ALUS Wheatland helps to address environmental issues with ALUS projects that produce ecosystem services for communities in southern Alberta.




ALUS Wheatland helps to address environmental issues with ALUS projects that produce ecosystem services for communities in southern Alberta.

Launched in September 2018 as a partnership between ALUS Canada and Wheatland County, ALUS Wheatland is the 11th ALUS community in Alberta and the 24th in Canada.

Wheatland County lies in the mixed grassland and dark brown soil region of southern Alberta. It is a diverse agricultural community of more than 8,000 residents, including portions of 19 Hutterian Brethren Colonies, all living on a 4,539 square-kilometre territory divided by the Red Deer River and the Bow River, fed by the Serviceberry Creek, Rosebud River and Crowfoot Creek watersheds.

In all ALUS communities, ALUS works closely with landowners to develop and support projects that are best suited to local needs and priorities. The ALUS Wheatland program aims to help address important environmental issues in this part of Alberta, namely riparian health and the loss of wetlands and native grasslands. The region’s most sensitive ecological features also include hard alkaline and saline soils, the Wintering Hills, native grasslands and numerous pothole prairie wetlands.

ALUS Wheatland’s Program Coordinators work with farmers and ranchers to help establish these projects, while participants receive annual, per-acre payments for the management and maintenance of these projects on their land.

Through their ALUS projects, ALUS Wheatland participants will help to produce cleaner water, cleaner air and more biodiversity, including pollinator habitat, for the benefit of everyone in the community.

ALUS Wheatland PAC October 2018
ALUS Wheatland Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC), October 3, 2018. From L to R: Ben Armstrong (PAC member, Council Representative), Russel Muenchrath (Manager of Agricultural and Environmental Services), Jason Wilson (PAC Chair, Council Representative,), Barry Van Laar (PAC member, Agricultural Service Board Member at Large), Rex Harwood (PAC Vice Chair, Agricultural Service Board Member at Large), Derek Hallgrimson (PAC member, DU Conservation Programs Specialist), Sarah Schumacher (ALUS Wheatland Program Coordinator, Agriculture Conservation Coordinator), Alyssa Robb (ALUS Wheatland Program Vice Coordinator, Environmental Coordinator). Missing: Barb Archibald (PAC member, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Stewardship Extension Specialist South).

News & Events in Wheatland

Rhonda King joins ALUS Canada

Posted May 2, 2019 in Alberta

PRESS RELEASE | ALUS Canada is proud to welcome a new staff member, Rhonda King, who came on board last month as our Western Canada Lead.
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Intact Announces Support for ALUS

Posted April 25, 2019 in Alberta

PRESS RELEASE | Montreal, April 25, 2019 – ALUS Canada thanks Intact for nearly $250,000 to fund ALUS projects benefiting Canadian communities in three provinces.
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VIDEO: Fully Implementing Wetland Policy in Alberta

Posted March 20, 2019 in Alberta

Speaking at the Edmonton Convention Centre on March 20, 2019, ALUS Canada’s CEO, Bryan Gilvesy, presented creative solutions to wetland restoration at the Rural Municipalities of Alberta’s Spring Convention.
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The Next Generation of Conservation in the West

Posted December 1, 2018 in Alberta

Calgary business leaders celebrate strong support for ALUS Canada in Alberta, where ranchers produce cleaner air, cleaner water and wildlife habitat for all.
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Urban Meadow

Posted August 11, 2018 in Alberta

ALUS Canada supports SAIT’s Indigenous Plant Species Biome garden in Calgary.
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