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As ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc program coordinator Kim Barkwell sees it, “ALUS is a great way to recognize how a farmer’s land management can benefit us all!”

Through their connections with other Alberta counties offering ALUS in their communities, the County of Wetaskiwin and Leduc County quickly realized that ALUS would be an excellent enhancement to their existing Sustainable Agriculture program.

By the end of 2015, the County of Wetaskiwin and Leduc County had partnered with ALUS to run a the local ALUS program.

The ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed in spring of 2016, and approved their first three projects. The PAC has a strong farmer representation from both counties, and similarly, farmers from both Counties are able to enroll in the ALUS program.

ALUS is run through the Counties’ Sustainable Agriculture Program, which promotes the adoption of beneficial management practices as they pertain to water, soil and energy management. Often these same practices enhance or improve nature on the landscape.

The ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc PAC recognizes the importance of promoting the restoration, enhancement and conservation of wetlands, and has reflected that in its annual payment schedule.

“ALUS encourages conservation through the efforts of a diverse array of players and programs, tailored by communities to meet their local needs,” says Barkwell. “The program will continue to grow in strength and longevity because of this diversity.”


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The ALUS Difference in Wetaskiwin-Leduc

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Meet the Schambers, ALUS Trailblazers

Meet the Schambers, ALUS Trailblazers

ALUS presents a profile series showcasing outstanding farmers and ranchers creating ecosystem services in Alberta. The Schambers manage Tin Forest Farm on 142 acres near Hillside, in the County of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, where they raise sheep and beef and grow hay and...

How WRRP helps ALUS make a difference on the ground

How WRRP helps ALUS make a difference on the ground

In 2018, ALUS received a $720,000 donation from Alberta Environment and Parks’ Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP) for the Modeste Natural Infrastructure Project. As Minister Shannon Phillips stated in her May 1 announcement, the funding is part of...

ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc Coordinator

Kim Barkwell, BSc.Ag

Kim Barkwell, BSc.Ag

County of Wetaskiwin No.10
243019A Highway 13
County of Wetaskiwin, AB
T9A 2G5

Leduc County
Sustainable Agriculture Program

County of Wetaskiwin
Sustainable Agriculture Program

Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)

Julien Pagé

ALUS Montérégie PAC Chair, and 1st Vice-President of the Montérégie UPA Federation

Christian St-Jacques

Farmer and former President, Fédération de l’UPA de la Montérégie

Charles Boulerice

Farmer, and President, Syndicat de l’UPA la Vallée-du-Richelieu

Florent Raymond

Farmer, Hazen-Bleury et de la Barbotte committee

André Mousseau

Farmer and President, Syndicat de l’UPA Vallée maskoutaine

Martin Berger

Farmer andmember of the Pot au Beurre et AgriClimat project committee

Claude Vasseur

Farmer and former Vice-President, Syndicat de l’UPA du Haut-Richelieu 

Marie-Laure Marcotte

Agronomist at Groupe ProConseil and member of the Huron River committee 

Marcel Comiré

General Manager, COVABAR 

Annie Tremblay

Agronomist at Agri Conseils Maska 

Renée Gagnon

Executive Director, CIME Haut-Richelieu

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