The Stewardship Ethic of ALUS Vermilion River participant Trent Selte

ALUS Vermilion River participant Trent Selte is improving water quality and wildlife habitat in many ways by enhancing wetlands on his farm in County of Vermilion River, Alberta.

First and foremost, Selte has retained many small prairie potholes that attract ducks and wildlife to his property. He  has also enhanced and created several other potholes on his property.

These wetlands have wildlife-friendly fencing around them that allow a modified grazing regime, to further benefit wildlife on his property.

To complement the existing native prairie, Trent has established new areas of both native and tame grasslands adjacent to wetlands.

In addition to the wetland and grassland components essential for breeding ducks, the Seltes have installed 24 Hen Houses, used by mallard hens. The Selte’s children and friends venture out each winter to maintain the Hen Houses and monitor their use and success.

Ducks are just one of the many beneficaries of the Selte’s stewardship ethic on his ALUS farm.

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