Steward of the Land: Jo-Anne Hallman, ALUS Red Deer County Participant

“Good land stewardship leads to good food,” says ALUS Red Deer County participant Jo-Anne Hallman, who who has enrolled 105 acres in the ALUS program.

“Because it’s feeding my family, I want this piece of land to be the best it can possibly be.”

She and her late husband farmed four quarters (640 acres) between Penhold and Pine Lake, Alberta, for 25 years. Today, Jo-Anne runs the cattle ranch and custom grazing operation very well on her own, with a little help from ALUS—and her six sons.

She now has 80 ALUS projects on her land, including alternative watering systems and sustainable grazing management practices designed to help enhance wetlands, producing cleaner water and more biodiversity.

Why did Hallman become an ALUS participant in 2015? “I don’t like to do the status quo,” she says. “I like to learn and progress—that’s what gives us life!”

Find out more in this video from ALUS’ “Stewards of the Land” series.

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