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Anonymous donation of $300K will support ALUS in 2 provinces

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ALUS Canada receives $300,000 grant from an anonymous donor to help support 225 acres of ALUS projects in seven communities located in Alberta and Ontario.

ALUS Canada is thrilled to receive a generous $300,000 grant from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

“This is a significant contribution that will support ALUS’ mission and help us make a positive impact on the ground in two provinces this year,” said ALUS Canada CEO Bryan Gilvesy.

This new funding will help support 225 acres of ALUS projects in seven communities located in Alberta and Ontario.

Specifically, ALUS Canada will direct these funds to the ALUS Elgin, ALUS Lambton, ALUS Middlesex, ALUS Wheatland, ALUS Parkland, ALUS Rocky View and ALUS Mountain View County programs.

“This is good news for ALUS communities who are doing such strong work to improve the natural environment across Canada,” Gilvesy said. “We all want to thank this generous donor for their support.”

Local program coordinators in the seven ALUS communities have been asked to establish the 225 acres of ALUS projects with a focus on those that boost community resilience, enhance carbon sequestration, and improve biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

As a whole, these new ALUS projects will help reverse environmental degradation in Canada by rebuilding natural capital on agricultural lands, one acre at a time.

Making a Difference on the Ground

ALUS Elgin: Established in 2012, ALUS Elgin partners with each Conservation Authority and other organizations in the region to develop projects and ideas that are best suited to the landowners’ needs and the priorities of Elgin County, Ontario.

ALUS Lambton: ALUS Canada partnered with Ontario NativeScape, a division of the Rural Lambton Stewardship Network, in 2015.

ALUS Middlesex: Located in Southwestern Ontario, the ALUS Middlesex program was established in 2017 in close partnership with ALUS Canada.

ALUS Wheatland: Launched in September 2018 as a partnership between ALUS Canada and Wheatland County, ALUS Wheatland helps to address environmental issues with ALUS projects that produce ecosystem services for communities in southern Alberta.

ALUS Parkland: The ALUS program came to Parkland County in 2012. Parkland County is a centrally located community and a strong ALUS partner.

ALUS Rocky View: Launched in November 2018 as a partnership between ALUS Canada and Rocky View County, ALUS Rocky View is the 12th ALUS community in Alberta.

ALUS Mountain View County: In March 2015, Mountain View County became the fourth Albertan community to embrace ALUS in a partnership with ALUS Canada.

Creating Migratory Bird Habitat in Middlesex County

Creating Migratory Bird Habitat in Middlesex County

ALUS Middlesex receives funding from Wildlife Habitat Canada to add more wetland habitat to the landscape through farmer-led stewardship.Wetland restoration work underway on a farm near Mount Brydges, ON. This wetland was completed in partnership with St. Clair...