Rhonda King joins ALUS Canada


Kiscoty, May 2, 2019—ALUS Canada proudly welcomes Rhonda King as Western Canada Lead.

ALUS Canada is proud to announce a new staff member: Rhonda King came on board last month as our Western Canada Lead.

“I’m very pleased that Rhonda has joined the national ALUS team,” said CEO Bryan Gilvesy. “She will be helping out on several files, including Alberta Wetland Mitigation and developing the New Acre™ Project in western Canada.”

Prior to joining ALUS, King was the Chief Administrative Officer for the County of Vermilion River for nine years, and the Assistant Administrator for 12 years before that. She worked closely with County staff and Alberta Environment to pilot the first Wetland Restoration Agency in rural Alberta and to integrate ALUS Canada into municipal programming.

ALUS Canada is proud to welcome Rhonda King as Western Canada Lead

“I have a long history with ALUS, as I was the CAO of the County of Vermilion River when it became the second-ever ALUS community in 2010,” said King. “It has been amazing to watch ALUS grow and expand across Canada since then.”

She is a graduate of Business Management from Lakeland College and holds a National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration from the University of Alberta, as well as certification as a Local Government Manager.

King is also an avid kayaker, hiker, cross country skier and curler, based in Kiscoty, Alberta. She was raised on her family’s farm in Northern Alberta, where she belonged to the 4-H beef club and the Junior Forest Wardens.

“These early experiences fostered in me a love for the outdoors and a sense of the importance of the conservation and preservation of nature,” said King.

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ALUS Canada, A Weston Family Initiative, is a national program helping farmers and ranchers to produce cleaner air, cleaner water, more biodiversity and other ecosystem services in their communities. As a recent Alberta Emerald Award-winner—and guided by a Clean50/Clean 16 award-winning team—ALUS Canada is a recognized leader in sustainability that is revolutionizing the way Canadians support the environment. ALUS Canada has disbursed nearly $8.1 M in funding to ALUS communities across Canada, an investment that is multiplied by farmers, ranchers and communities on the ground. As a result, there are now nearly 24,000 acres enrolled in the ALUS program, thanks to 750 participants from 25 communities in six provinces, and the program is rapidly expanding. For more information, please visit ALUS.ca

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