ALUS Parkland Riparian Fencing Project

In October 2014, ALUS Parkland program coordinators Krista Quesnel and Gabriel Clarke visited an ALUS participant to help install a riparian fencing project that will help protect creeks and the shoreline of Lake Isle.

Once this project is fully implemented, over 40 acres of sensitive wetlands and riparian areas will be protected, while also retaining the viability of the producer’s existing livestock operation.

The project consists of:

  1. Protecting the creek that goes through the property by installing over 3 km of fencing.
  2. Protecting the riparian area of the Lake with fencing.
  3. Installing 2 solar-powered watering systems (one portable and one stationary).

Gabriel and Krista worked with the producer to determine where the fence should go to protect the creek while minimizing the loss of pasture land, and spent half a day laying out the fence line with a GPS and stakes.

The producer, keen on installing the fence before the snow starts flying, was out on the property with a crew installing posts just two days later.

While out on the property, both were awed by the sight of hundreds of ducks, geese, swans and other waterfowl on the edge of Lake Isle.

This project is an authentic win-win for agriculture and the environment.

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