Memorial to ALUS Norfolk’s Gunther Csoff

ALUS is sad to mark the passing of ALUS Norfolk’s Gunther Csoff (Sept. 22, 1954 – June 14, 2015)

Quotes from friends and colleagues upon learning of his passing:


Gunther’s obituary said “Gunther was a Proud Lifetime Farmer in Walsingham. He enjoyed educating and getting to know the many sweet corn customers each summer. He was a strong advocate for the farming community. Gunther was a Past President and Proud Member of the Delhi German Home. He was involved in many other community organizations throughout the years. Volunteering was one of his true passions.”

“It will be tough to replace Gunther … He was a straight shooter, a conservation hero and an agricultural leader. He joined the Norfolk Land Stewardship Council in 2011, the last year of my employ with the MNR. He was a director with the Norfolk Woodlot Owners Association. One of the best spokesmen for ALUS, he was a member of the Norfolk PAC and Operations Committee and a farmer liaison. Boy will he be missed.” Dave Reid, former coordinator, Norfolk Land Stewardship Council, director, Norfolk Woodlot Owners Association, ALUS-Ontario Transfer Facilitator;”

“Gunther made a strong impression. He was such a gentle and thoughtful person and funny too. He really was a part of the ALUS family and a great loss to us all.” Lynn Bishop, ALUS-Ontario General Manager;”

“It is very sad news – I spoke to Joe from the German Hall last evening & they too have lost a great supporter & hard worker. He worked side by side with a lot of folks.” Steve Scheers, Superintendent – Norfolk County Forest & Cemetery Services, Community Services Department;”

“I am so glad the photo was circulated as well as, to me, it really encapsulates who Gunther was. He was a teacher in his own right and an incredible asset to the farming and conservation community. He spoke from the heart but with his mind and his perspective was always thoughtful and grounded. He will be missed.” Eric Cleland, Partnership Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Aylmer District;”

“Steve and I have been thinking about Gunther ever since reading the email. It was very nice that Gunther’s picture was circulated. We will hold dearly our memories of Gunther, captured so well in that image.” Anita Buehner, former member, Norfolk Land Stewardship Council, owner Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery;”

“I am sorry to hear of Gunther’s passing. I cannot help but think what a loss this must be to you all, his family and friends. Even the brief time I had the privilege of sharing with him made it obvious that he was no ordinary man. D. Denise Hart, Resource Manager, Haldimand-Norfolk Stewardship Collaborative;”

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