ALUS Team Grows in the County of Vermilion River

Thanks to the County of Vermilion River, ALUS has now grown from its initial demonstration pilot phase into an ongoing program. With generous support from groups such as Delta Waterfowl, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, Environment Canada’s National Conservation Plan, and Wildlife Habitat Canada, there is an increased need for project delivery capacity in CVR.

Joan Gabrielson and the entire ALUS partnership advisory committee are pleased to welcome Chris Elder to the team as the new Program Coordinator for CVR. Chris will continue with project leads, design, negotiation, and project establishment. Producers who are interested in discussing a potential ALUS project on their farm in CVR are encouraged to contact Chris at

“I will continue my efforts in CVR in order to ensure a smooth transition,” says Delta Waterfowl’s Joan Gabrielson. “I am excited to now be able to take on new roles in wetland restoration as well as in outreach to other communities to move ALUS forward in Alberta.”

Denika Piggott is also helping the county with standardized operations, enabling efficient delivery of ALUS here, as well as in Parkland and Red Deer Counties. Agricultural Fieldman, Howie Bjorge, is directing ALUS in CVR and has been instrumental in guiding the process from the county staff level since launching ALUS in 2010.

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