ALUS Saskatchewan Founding Partner hosts 86th Annual Convention

On February 19 to 21, 2015, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF), a founding partner of ALUS in Saskatchewan, hosted their 86th annual convention in support of wildlife in the province. From conservation officers to students studying the effects of Barotrauma and stress put on fish during fishing derbies and tournaments a variety of topics were covered during the convention. Also a live and silent auction was held as a fundraiser for the organization.

To many jurisdictions across North America, and the world; the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is a leader in natural resource management and wildlife protection. Per capita the SWF is one the largest wildlife conservation organizations of its kind in the world. An organization that was established in 1929, their mission is to ensure the legacy of wildlife that we leave to our children surpasses that of which we inherited.

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation works on a number of special projects across the province to ensure the responsible use, preservation, and conservation of habitat and the wildlife that resides on that habitat. The SWF holds nearly 60, 000 acres of habitat through the Habitat Trust program. Not only is the Habitat Trust program very successful, but the SWF’s Wildlife Tomorrow program has also been wildly successful with nearly 400,000 acres enrolled in the program. The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has also worked with all levels of government to secure nearly 3.4 million acres of crown land that is covered by the Wildlife Habitat Protection Act, to prevent the exploitation of these acres and allow them to be maintained for their present use as hay land, pasture, and of course wildlife habitat.

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