ALUS Adds Entrepreneurial Spirit to New Acre Team

The New Acre team has expanded to include a Manager of Business Development.

Jill Weaver

Jill Weaver joins the ALUS Canada team as Manager of Business Development with New Acre Project.

Joining the ALUS Canada team in September, Jill Weaver becomes ALUS Canada’s Manager of Business Development to help grow ALUS’ New Acre Project.

Jill is the founder of Stock Exchange, a premium nose-to-tail wholesale food production business, working directly with regenerative farmers. Its success speaks to Jill’s capabilities in creating new market opportunities for farm operators and her knowledge of food supply chains. In addition, Jill comes with experience working in the not-for-profit sector and the business world. She was previously Director of Operations with the Centre for Family Business and most recently worked as a consultant.

“Jill has deep connections both at the community level and with corporations, an ideal fit to drive the growth and impact of the New Acre Project,” said Bryan Gilvesy, CEO of ALUS Canada.

An experienced growth practitioner, Jill has also worked to develop projects internationally as the Director of Operations for the African Initiative with the Centre for International Governance and Innovation. As ALUS Canada and the New Acre Project continue to gain traction as essential tools to provide environmental and economic benefits to farmers and ranchers in communities across Canada, the capacity for future growth that Jill brings to the team is essential.

“We are thrilled to have Jill join ALUS’ development team, which strives to create shared value for our corporate sponsors and communities through New Acre Project,” said Katherine Balpataky, Director of Corporate Partnerships and Business Development at ALUS Canada. “Jill’s entrepreneurial spirit and savvy will be a great asset for our group.”

For her part, Jill is delighted to join the ALUS team and hopes to establish meaningful partnerships with Canada’s corporate sector to deliver ecosystem services to the benefit of Canadian communities and corporate partners.

“Joining ALUS Canada and the New Acre Project dovetails naturally with my desire to contribute to a strong community and create a healthier environment for my children to grow-up and thrive in,” said Jill. “I intend to engage the talent and expertise of Canada’s corporate marketplace to deepen its relationship with its core principles and the environment.”

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