A Record Year for ALUS Montérégie

More than $98,823 awarded to 33 local farmers committed to improving the environment

MONTÉRÉGIE, DECEMBER 15, 2021 — On December 14, the Fédération de l’UPA de la Montérégie and ALUS recognized the efforts of farmers who have committed, for a period of 5 years, to improve the environment by participating in the ALUS Montérégie program. A total of $98,823 was awarded to them in monetary compensation for the creation and maintenance of environmental goods and services through the implementation of sustainable developments on their farmland.

ALUS Montérégie - MRC Pierre-de-Sorel

Participants of the MRC Pierre-de-Sorel, UPA Montérégie.

2021: A Record Year!

This year, 33 agricultural businesses in 22 municipalities of 10 MRCs of the Montérégie region carried out paid developments, covering a total area of 78 acres of farmland.

“I am delighted to see so many farmers in our region determined to implement new green practices. Especially since this year was exceptional since participants developed 78 acres of farmland, more than double the area of the previous year,” says Julien Pagé, 1ster vice-president of the UPA Montérégie and president of the ALUS Montérégie Committee. “In addition to rewarding these 78 acres of new projects, ALUS Montérégie is proud to announce that the majority of the 2016 projects whose contracts expired in December 2020 have been renewed for five new years under the same initial conditions. This is important because ALUS Montérégie wishes to offer long-term support.”

During the year 2021, developments were made on farms located in the MRCs of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Jardins-de-Napierville, Rouville, Vallée-du-Richelieu, Pierre-De Saurel, Maskoutains, Haut-Richelieu, Brome-Missisquoi, Acton and Marguerite-D’Youville.

The unprecedented success of this program is based on strong partnerships. ALUS Canada, a charitable organization that has already invested more than $12 million to establish over 32,134 acres and 31 ALUS programs across the country, is one of the reasons the program was created.

“We are proud of our presence in Montérégie, our first community in Quebec. For 5 years now, we have developed an exceptional partnership with the Fédération de l’UPA Montérégie, and created a robust program, thanks to the exceptional work of the agri-environment team and program coordinators. From 2016 to 2020, ALUS has invested nearly $400,000 for the ALUS Montérégie program, and has committed to an additional $215,000 in funding this year. There is a strong demand for such a program in the region, which is very motivating for us,” says Lynn Bishop, Vice President of Finance and Operations at ALUS.

From the beginning, Soleno, a leader in sustainable stormwater management solutions, saw a promising future for this program. As the first partner in this program, Soleno has committed $150,000 in financial support over five years.

“We are very proud to be the first Gold Partner of the ALUS program in Quebec. The reward offered recognizes the contribution of farmers who reduce their environmental footprint by voluntarily carrying out improvements on their farmland. Agriculture is an integral part of Soleno’s DNA and this program allows us to support not only agriculture, but also the environment for future generations,” says Alain Poirier, President of Soleno.

With the expansion of its activities in Contrecoeur, the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) became a Gold Partner of the program in 2020, also donating $150,000 over five years.

“Our support to ALUS Montérégie is directly linked to our values as an organization and to our vision of sustainable development. It is very stimulating to see the direct impacts of the MPA’s collaboration through all these biodiversity preservation projects that are taking shape. Hats off to these farmers who are committed to the planet,” adds Mélanie Nadeau, vice-president of public affairs and community relations at MPA.

The federation also acknowledges the financial contribution of the Municipality of Saint-Alexandre, the Haut-Richelieu RCM and the Pierre-De Saurel RCM.

Achievement Report 2021

  • More than $98,823 in monetary reward investments for the creation
    and maintenance of ecosystem goods and services over the next 5 years;
  • 33 participating farms;
  • 78 acres of revitalized areas;
  • 10 types of facilities;
  • 22 municipalities and 10 MRCs.

Total achievements since 2016

  • 106 participating farms;
  • 243 acres of land for ecosystem goods and services;
  • 354,096$ invested for monetary rewards over 5 years;
  • 1,007,744 $ for project implementation and administration;
  • Ecosystem goods and services created in 13 MRCs of the Montérégie;
  • Developments in more than 52 municipalities in the Montérégie.

In concrete terms, 377 km of various hedges (windbreaks, shrubs, herbaceous plants and multi-strata) have been planted; the equivalent of 14 times the Bell Centre of fallow areas or ponds reforested; 270 km of herbaceous riparian strips favouring pollinators have been put in place; the equivalent of 6 soccer fields of ecosystems have been enhanced; as well as the equivalent of 64 Olympic swimming pools transformed into a flowering meadow for pollinators. For a total area equivalent to 159 soccer fields developed in ecosystem services.

Candidates sought for 2022

Montérégie farmers interested in improving the environment through improvements to their land can apply by completing the online application form at https://www.upamonteregie.ca/alus-monteregie/

For more details: https://www.upamonteregie.ca/alus-monteregie/

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