ALUS by the Numbers

A snapshot of ALUS’s beneficial impact on the ground.

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ALUS by the Numbers

Snapshot of ALUS’ impact on the ground

March 2021

sun rising

ALUS active
in 6 provinces


31 ALUS communities
+4 since last year

tractor trailer

1,103 farmers & ranchers
participate in ALUS
+244 since last year

cattail plants growing in water

26,318 acres of wetland
+4,331 since last year

bee flying away

24,572 acres of pollinator
+4,417 since last year

deciduous tree

6,082 acres reforested with
native trees and shrubs
+874 since last year

sun rising over hill

32,134 acres of land
enrolled in ALUS
+5,354 since last year

plant with dollar sign

More than $12M invested
+$2.3M since last year

wheat growing

Farmers, ranchers and
communities multiply our
investment on the ground