ALUS by the Numbers

Snapshot of ALUS Canada’s stats from the end of 2015 fiscal year.

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ALUS Canada by the Numbers

Snapshot of ALUS Canada’s impact on the ground

sun rising

ALUS active
in 6 provinces (including PEI)


22 ALUS communities

wheat growing

3,873 ALUS projects

cattail plants growing in water

10,277 acres
of wetlands

bee flying away

10,041 acres
of pollinator habitat

deciduous tree

2,611 acres reforested
with native trees and shrubs

sun rising over hill

23,097 acres of land
enrolled in ALUS

plant with dollar sign

Nearly $4.3M
distributed by ALUS Canada
($1.5M in 2016/17 alone)

tractor trailer

830 farmers & ranchers
participating in ALUS

Source: ALUS Canada fiscal year 2016/17 cumulative data