ALUS: Canada’s Best Kept Secret

Learn what's being said about the ALUS program all across the country.

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Have you heard of ALUS? If you haven’t, we wouldn’t blame you… we’re probably Canada’s best-kept secret.

ALUS is a grassroots conservation program, quietly making good things happen on the ground, namely, cleaner water, cleaner air and greater biodiversity. Like our participating farmers and ranchers, we like to keep our heads down and get the job done.

But now that we’re active in 27 communities across the country, more and more people are discovering ALUS. And they’re pleasantly surprised. We hear “Glad I found you” quite a bit.

Just listen to what people across Canada are saying about us (there’s a wide selection, below).

Turns out, ALUS is an eye-opener. We support simple solutions to the biggest environmental crises of this generation—biodiversity loss, blue-green algae, extreme flooding and more—with practical, on-farm projects that literally improve the Earth, one acre at a time.

We help farmers and ranchers carry out their ecological wish lists; we help local partners become regional leaders in sustainability; and we help Canadians make a difference in their communities.

ALUS works.

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ALUS: Canada’s Best Kept Secret

“Prior to 2017, I had never heard of ALUS. What really surprised me was how easy it is to make a positive impact on the environment in our municipality. ALUS was a real eye-opener.”

Josh Bishop, ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc PAC Chair & Deputy Reeve, County of Wetaskiwin, Alberta

“Our partnership with ALUS has enabled us to pursue our dream of making a quarter-section into a wildlife-friendly conservation area.”

Larry and Rosanne Bingham, ALUS Vermilion River PAC members and participants, Alberta


“ALUS works well with our existing ranch practices because of its flexibility: the few mandatory guidelines complement our current practices and long-term goals.”

Sean and Holly LaBrie, ALUS Mountain View COUNTY PAC member and participants, Difficulty Ranch, Alberta

“One of the things I love about being involved with ALUS is being part of a like-minded community. It’s a pleasure to learn from others, to share experiences and challenges.”

Kathryn Boothby, ALUS Norfolk participant, Fairnorth Farm, Ontario

“My passion is to help advance ALUS. Through my modelling research, I hope to demonstrate the beneficial effect of innovative ALUS projects in watersheds.”

Dr. Wanhong Yang, University of Guelph, Ontario

“We’ve seen big changes on our land since we started doing ALUS. As farmers, we always think: ‘We can do better.’ And we can, especially with ALUS giving us a hand.”

Jonathan and Katie MacLennan, ALUS participants, MacLennan Properties Ltd., PEI.

“By encouraging ALUS practices, Parkland County serves as a regional leader in achieving high standards of environmental sustainability.”

Phyllis Kobasiuk, ALUS Parkland PAC member & Parkland County Councillor Division 3, Alberta

“ALUS was a great surprise for me. I learned about it through my peers in other Counties, and I immediately thought: ‘Sign us up!’ And producers are often surprised to learn there is an annual payment attached.”

Kim Barkwell, ALUS Wetaskiwin-Leduc Program Coordinator & Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager, Counties of Wetaskiwin and Leduc, Alberta

“ALUS offers an important service. It has helped us provide crucial habitat for many at-risk species and enhance biodiversity on our land.”

Stephen and Katie Hotchkiss, ALUS Elgin participants, The New New Age Farm, Ontario

“We feel blessed to have land to care for and the chance to extend grace to a little bit of creation. ALUS and their partners have been fantastic.”

Jerremie and Rita Clyde, ALUS Mountain View participants, Alberta

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