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A snapshot of ALUS’ progress over the past year

ALUS brings together local community leaders, environmental organizations, farmers and ranchers, generous supporters, and a dedicated national staff, with everyone working to improve the environment in Canadian farm communities. We want to thank everyone involved by sharing a snapshot of the progress we have made by working together. Here is a look at the most telling data from the last fiscal year (April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020).

Thanks to our local partners and participating farmers and ranchers for making a difference for Canadian communities.

Working Together

The ALUS family is strong—and it is also growing. More than 240 farmers and ranchers signed up as new ALUS participants last year, a whopping growth of 32 percent in one year! This brings us to more than 900 ALUS participants across Canada.

We also welcomed two new communities to the ALUS family last year—ALUS Seine Rat Roseau in Manitoba and ALUS Vulcan County in Alberta—bringing the total to 27 ALUS communities in six provinces: PEI, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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More Acres

Farmers and ranchers enrolled more than 4,000 fresh acres in the ALUS program last year, an increase of 17 percent from the year before. There is now a total of more than 27,000 acres devoted to the production of cleaner air, cleaner water and more wildlife habitat and other important ecosystem services through ALUS. That’s the size of a small national park!

In most cases, these acres represent ecologically sensitive, marginal farmland that has been turned over to ALUS wetland, woodland, grassland and pollinator projects, often in combination.

To get a peek at these projects, and the ALUS farmers and ranchers who take care of them, check out our Newsroom, where we profile their excellent work on the ground. 

A Bird’s Eye View of our Regional Hubs:

  • Maritime Hub: There are now 49 ALUS participants in Prince Edward Island. They have enrolled more than 1,200 acres into the ALUS program, up 360 acres from the year before.*
  • Eastern Hub: There are now 9 ALUS communities in Quebec and Ontario, where 481 participants have enrolled nearly more than 3,800 acres into the ALUS program, an increase of more than 600 acres from the previous year.*
  • Prairie Hub: Manitoba and Saskatchewan now have 88 ALUS participants in four communities. They have enrolled more than 7,300 acres into the ALUS program, up more than 240 from last year.*
  • Western Hub: With 13 ALUS communities in Alberta, there are now 285 ALUS participants in our Western Hub. They have reached a milestone of nearly 15,000 acres enrolled into the ALUS program, up more than 2,500 acres from the year before.*
    *As of April 1, 2020
Thank you for making a difference for wetlands, pollinators and wildlife

More Pollinators

ALUS added 15 percent more pollinator habitat this past year, for a total of more than 20,000 acres of native tallgrass prairie, hedgerows, riparian zones and other special projects that help shelter, feed and propagate wild pollinators.

More Trees

Likewise, there was a 19 percent growth in tree- and shrub-planting projects this past year, for a new total of nearly 5,200 reforested acres across Canada.

This includes shelterbelts, eco-buffers and plantations of mixed native species that help support Canadian wildlife, sequester carbon, produce cleaner air and reduce soil erosion helping to protect water quality in lakes and rivers.

More Wetlands

Together, we added more than 3,300 acres of wetlands and wetland-related projects to the ALUS network the past year. In total, ALUS participants now manage nearly 22,200 acres of wetland-related projects across the country.

These projects are important for reducing the negative impact of droughts and extreme flooding on Canadian communities, as well as for sustaining wildlife and for filtering water impurities before they end up in local watercourses, helping produce cleaner water for communities downstream.

More Funding

Thanks to many generous supporters, ALUS Canada provided more funding to more communities, more participating farmers and ranchers, and more projects than ever before last year, to the tune of nearly $2 M in funding to ALUS communities across Canada. In total, ALUS Canada has disbursed more than $10 M in funding to ALUS communities, an investment that is multiplied by farmers, ranchers and communities on the ground.

As a national charitable organization, ALUS Canada raises funds from public and private sources to support local ALUS programs across the nation. To name only a few, ALUS Canada receives funding from Canadian philanthropic foundations (such as The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Intact Foundation and J. W. McConnell Family Foundation), individual philanthropists (such as David Bissett and many more), Canadian corporations (such as T.D. Bank Group), through the New Acre™ Project, and a number of provincial and federal government agencies (such as Alberta Environment and Parks’ Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program, Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Great Lakes Protection Initiative, ECCC’s Lake Winnipeg Basin Program, and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Government of Alberta).

Stay tuned for more funding news over the coming months, and see details about Our Supporters here. 

Making a Difference

By working collectively through ALUS, Canadians are making a bigger difference on the ground year after year. Thank you, everyone, for coming together to make a difference with us.

Read more about ALUS’ impact here. 

Thanks to our funders for helping ALUS make a big difference to the environment.

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