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This holiday season, give the gift of cleaner air, cleaner water and better wildlife habitat

eastern bluebird
This holiday season, why not make a meaningful donation in honour of someone on your gift list and send them a beautiful, free e-card celebrating the fragile wildlife species and ecosystems you are helping to support.

Want to make a special, more meaningful gift this holiday season? You’ve come to the right place. ALUS Canada’s seasonal fundraising campaign supports vulnerable wildlife species and ecosystems that thrive on ALUS projects.

This year, when you donate in honour of someone on your gift list, you can send them a beautiful, free e-card celebrating some of the vulnerable birds, dragonflies, pollinators and fragile ecosystems your gift will help to support. Click here to see all the options! 

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Our series of beautiful, threatened birds and pollinators were photographed on site, live and in the flesh, by scientific researchers working on ALUS farms.

ALUS Canada partners with researchers across Canada, including several teams at the University of Guelph, where researcher Dr. Amy Newman and her team at the Newman Lab are hard at work documenting the presence and health of vulnerable wildlife species found on ALUS farms.

In a nutshell, Dr Newman is studying the relationships between environment and stress in wildlife. The Newman Lab team is especially interested in how ALUS is helping grassland songbirds and other avian species that use the habitats produced by ALUS projects.


For example, the above image showcases an eastern bluebird carrying a fat grub in its beak for its young. This sprightly songbird species has been brought back from the brink of extinction through concerted conservation efforts spanning decades. ALUS continues to help this species by producing a diverse buffet of insects for them to eat, and by augmenting their habitat with birdboxes.

Redwing blackbirds:

Another image portrays a clutch of beautiful, pale blue eggs spotted by the researchers in a redwing blackbird nest. Cheery harbingers of spring, this early-migrating species relies on seasonal wetlands and riparian areas remaining intact from one year to the next, as they do in ALUS projects.

Savannah sparrows:

The Newman Lab team captured this shot of hungry savannah sparrow nestlings, just three days old, clamouring for food. The survival of these nestlings depends on the grasslands remaining undisturbed until they are old enough to fledge the nest, a practice supported by the ALUS delayed hay-cut initiative, that has seen great success in PEI.

Twelve-spotted skimmers:

They also observed this twelve-spotted skimmer and shadow darner, two dragonfly species that play an important role in the food chain, feeding on mosquitos while providing food for birds and frogs. Researchers consider dragonflies to be ecological indicators and study them to keep tabs on changes in the health of the ecosystem. They are found only in fresh water and wetlands such as those supported by ALUS.

Butterfly milkweed:

Researchers are always pleased to see healthy stands of Butterfly milkweed, such as the specimen shown here, a beautiful plant that provides critical food and habitat for native and endangered pollinators such as the Monarch. Regionally appropriate variations of this plant are standby ingredients in ALUS pollinator seed mixes and pollinator hedgerow projects.

There are many more ALUS projects waiting in the wings for funding. These include wetland restorations, buffer zones around watercourses, as well as wildlife and pollinator habitats.

Why Support ALUS?

When you donate to ALUS, you quite literally save these fragile grassland birds, pollinators, dragonflies and many more threatened wildlife species, by supporting ALUS projects that boost biodiversity and expand healthy grassland and wetland ecosystems on Canadian farms and ranches.

And as an added bonus, ALUS projects also sequester carbon and help prevent floods and droughts, to help create more resilient communities for all Canadians.

ALUS Canada relies on grants and generous donations to run its program, enabling farmers and ranchers to produce more wildlife habitat, cleaner water, cleaner air and other important ecosystem services that benefit us all.

ALUS has already disbursed nearly $8.1 M in funding to its 25 community partners, located in six provinces across Canada. More than 750 farmers and ranchers now participate in the program, maintaining nearly 24,000 acres of special ALUS pollinator, woodland, grassland and wetland projects on their lands.

“There are many more ALUS projects waiting in the wings for funding,” says ALUS Canada CEO Bryan Gilvesy. “These include wetland restorations, buffer zones around watercourses, wildlife and pollinator habitats.”

And the beauty of ALUS is that every dollar you donate is multiplied on the ground, thanks to a matching investment by participating ALUS farmers, ranchers and communities.

So this holiday season, why not make a meaningful donation to ALUS Canada, supporting this important work across the nation.

If you wish to donate in honour of someone on your gift list, you can send them a beautiful, free e-card celebrating the fragile wildlife species and ecosystems they are helping to support.

As a registered Canadian charity, ALUS Canada issues tax receipts for eligible donations each tax year. The deadline for your 2019 tax receipt is December 31, 2019.

Don’t delay! Make a secure online donation today via Canada Helps, right here.


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Thank you for helping ALUS create a healthy landscape that sustains agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians, one acre at a time.

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