PEI ALUS Tops 400 Participants - ALUS

The PEI ALUS program now boasts more than 400 program participants with 3454 hectares currently enrolled in ALUS.


John MacQuarrie, PEI’s newly-appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture being interview for  video.

Following are the current program numbers:

  • 1411 hectares of high slope land has been retired from agricultural production and converted to various ecological goods and services.
  • More than 200,000 meters of new fencing has been installed.
  • Tree planting within 15 meter buffer zone stands at 251 hectares
  • 553 Hectares of expanded buffer zones (beyond 15 m) have been created.
  • New grassed headlands totals 455 hectares
  • 784 hectares of new soil conservation structures.

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