ALUS Vulcan

Located in southern Alberta, the ALUS Vulcan program helps the environment by producing beneficial ecosystem services for the community through ALUS projects on local farms and ranches.




ALUS works closely with landowners to develop and support projects that are best suited to local needs and priorities. The ALUS Vulcan program aims to help address the main environmental issues affecting their area through ALUS projects that produce ecosystem services for the community.

ALUS Vulcan’s first goal was to identify saline-prone lands and identify projects that can help manage those marginal lands. By implementing these new strategies, the program wants to help improve environmental sustainability, reduce agricultural costs, and increase agricultural profitability.

Through their ALUS projects, ALUS Vulcan participants will help to produce cleaner water, cleaner air and more biodiversity, including pollinator habitat, for the benefit of everyone in surrounding communities.

The ALUS Vulcan Program Coordinator works with farmers and ranchers to help establish these projects, while participants receive annual, per-acre payments for the management and maintenance of these projects on their land.

For more information, please contact one of our program coordinators.

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ALUS Canada announces new funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership in Alberta

Posted March 25, 2020 in Alberta

PRESS RELEASE | Calgary, Alberta, March 25, 2020 | ALUS Canada’s Western Hub to benefit from nearly $450,000 in new funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership in Alberta (Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change program)
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