ALUS Vulcan County

Located in southern Alberta, the ALUS Vulcan County program helps the environment by producing beneficial ecosystem services for the community through ALUS projects on local farms and ranches.




Launched in August 2019 as a partnership between ALUS Canada and Vulcan County, the ALUS Vulcan County program is the 13th ALUS community in Alberta.

Vulcan County is located close to both Calgary and Lethbridge in the southwest region of Alberta showcasing a visual splendour with its wide variety of rolling agricultural lands. Vulcan County covers a total area of 1,346,723 acres with 444,000 acres of farmland and hosts 5 villages and 8 hamlets for a total population of approximately 3,900 people.

Agriculture is, by far, the largest industry in Vulcan County, including many major irrigation reservoirs and 4 operational grain elevators. The oil & gas industry played a major role in shaping the economic past of Vulcan County, as the land holds rich deposits of resources.

The County is also home to one of the largest wind farms in Western Canada, while a 1,900-acre solar energy farm has recently been approved for development.

ALUS works closely with landowners to develop and support projects that are best suited to local needs and priorities. The ALUS Vulcan County program aims to help address the main environmental issues affecting their area through ALUS projects that produce ecosystem services for the community.

ALUS Vulcan County’s first goal was to identify saline-prone lands and identify projects that can help manage those marginal lands. By implementing these new strategies, the ALUS Vulcan County program wants to help the County ratepayers by improving environmental sustainability, reducing agricultural costs, and increasing agricultural profitability.

Through their ALUS projects, ALUS Vulcan County participants will help to produce cleaner water, cleaner air and more biodiversity, including pollinator habitat, for the benefit of everyone in surrounding communities.

The ALUS Vulcan County Program Coordinator works with farmers and ranchers to help establish these projects, while participants receive annual, per-acre payments for the management and maintenance of these projects on their land.

ALUS Vulcan County PAC
ALUS Vulcan County’s inaugural PAC pictured after reviewing their first-ever ALUS project proposal on August 6, 2019. From L to R: Doug Logan (PAC Chair, elected official), Wayne Robinson (Member-at-large), Ryan Smith (PAC Vice Chair, elected official), Lee Markert (Member-at-large). Missing: Glen Gateman (Member-at-large).

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