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The County of Vermilion River (CVR) launched the first ALUS program in Alberta in 2010, at the Cattlemen’s Corral in Lloydminster.




The County of Vermilion River (CVR) launched the first ALUS program in Alberta in 2010, at the Cattlemen’s Corral in Lloydminster.

Since then, the program has supported a number of local producers in establishing and maintaining stewardship projects that benefit residents across CVR.

The ALUS Vermilion River program works with farmers and ranchers to establish and maintain projects such as riparian buffers, fencing exclusion, alternative watering systems, native prairie establishment, pollinator habitat and tree plantations.

These ALUS projects provide cleaner air, cleaner water and more habitat for wildlife and pollinators, while helping to improve the productivity of marginal and ecologically sensitive land.

ALUS Projects in CVR

Steward of the Land: Brian Headon, ALUS Vermilion River

Meet Brian Headon, an ALUS Vermilion River participant and PAC member, in a video from ALUS' "Stewards of the Land" series.
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The Stewardship Ethic of ALUS Vermilion River participant Trent Selte

ALUS Vermilion River participant Trent Selte is improving water quality and wildlife habitat in many ways by enhancing wetlands on his farm in County of Vermilion River, Alberta.
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News & Events in CVR

Energy and Enthusiasm

Posted December 12, 2017 in Alberta

Ten Alberta ALUS communities put their heads together at ALUS Canada’s Western Hub Field Conference 2017.
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In Praise of the New Acre™ Producer

Posted December 13, 2017 in Saskatchewan

Productivity and innovation of farmers and ranchers showcased through ALUS Canada’s New Acre™ Project
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David Bissett and ALUS Canada announce great news for environmental conservation on farms and ranches

Posted August 29, 2017 in Alberta

Alberta philanthropist David Bissett and ALUS Canada, A Weston Family Initiative, announced "The Bissett Action Fund," a new $500,000 gift which will support environmental projects on farms and ranches in southern Alberta.
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ALUS Canada Hires Agrologist Howie Bjorge

Posted January 12, 2017 in Alberta

PRESS RELEASE | TILLSONBURG, January 12, 2017—ALUS Canada is proud to announce the hiring of Howie Bjorge as ALUS Canada Agrologist.
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ALUS Relaunches in Alberta

Posted July 28, 2016 in Alberta

More than 130 people gathered at the Edmonton Corn Maze on July 28, 2016, to celebrate the official relaunch of ALUS Canada, a Weston Family Initative, in Alberta.
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