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When the ALUS Red Deer County program started in 2013, it became the third ALUS program in Alberta.




When ALUS Red Deer County was launched in 2013, it became the third ALUS program in Alberta. A partnership between ALUS Canada and Red Deer County, the ALUS Red Deer County program is an evolution of programs the County had been delivering since 2001.

ALUS supports farmers and ranchers by helping them establish projects that produce ecosystem services on their land, and by providing annual payments for their management and maintenance of these projects.

The program aims to tackle local environmental priorities, such as fish and wildlife habitat, water quality in the Sylvan Lake watershed, enhancement of wetlands, forests, and riparian areas, pollinator habitat, and flood and drought resiliency county-wide.

As of April 1, 2019, more than 100 farmers and ranchers have enrolled almost 5,000 acres into the program. Their ALUS projects include more than 75 alternative-watering systems for livestock, more than 300,000 feet of riparian-management fencing, and more.

All these projects produce important ecosystem services upon which we all depend, such as cleaner air, cleaner water, improved fish and wildlife habitat, and flood- and drought-resiliency.

Under the guidance of the Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC), the ALUS Red Deer County program is delivered by Program Coordinator Ken Lewis and three ALUS Farmer Liaisons: Tom Towers, a rancher from just south of the City of Red Deer, Stephen Smith, who runs a mixed farm near Pine Lake, and Kevin Ziola, who farms south of Sylvan Lake. Each of these Farmer Liaisons started out as ALUS participants and now help bring new farmers and ranchers into the program.

The ALUS Red Deer County PAC is made up of local Farmers and Ranchers, Red Deer County councillors, and representatives of the Red Deer County Agricultural Services Board, Cows and Fish, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Grey Wooded Forage Association, Alberta Conservation Association and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

ALUS Red Deer County evaluates the environmental effectiveness of the program by doing baseline Riparian and Range Health Assessments (RHAs) at project sites, then revisiting these RHAs four or five years later.


  • Contact Ken Lewis T: 403-342-8653 C: 403-505-9038 E: klewis [at]
  • View videos showcasing some Red Deer County ALUS participants in the Digital Stories website and in Red Deer County’s media gallery (scroll down to find the “Conservation” section, and look for videos with ALUS in the title).

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ALUS Projects in Red Deer County

Steward of the Land: ALUS Red Deer County participant Aron Lutz

Video: ALUS Red Deer County participant Aron Lutz has established a dozen ALUS projects on 41 acres of his land.
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Steward of the Land: Jo-Anne Hallman, ALUS Red Deer County Participant

Meet ALUS Red Deer County participant Jo-Anne Hallman, who has enrolled 105 acres in the ALUS program: ALUS' "Stewards of the Land" video series
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Kevin Ziola’s ALUS projects help conserve wetlands in Red Deer County

ALUS Red Deer participant Kevin Ziola used ALUS funding to create year-round watering systems to help conserve the creek and wetlands on his land.
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Meet the first participants of ALUS Red Deer County, Keith and Tracy Johnson

In January 2014, the Johnson family became the first in ALUS participants in Red Deer County, Alberta.
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News & Events in Red Deer County

The 2019 Dave Reid Awards

Posted June 4, 2019 in Alberta

ALUS participants Tom and Margaret Towers receive the 2019 Dave Reid Award for innovation in the production of ecosystem services on Tamara Ranch.
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Press Release: ALUS Canada Presents 2019 Dave Reid Awards

Posted June 4, 2019 in Alberta

On June 4, 2019, ALUS Canada presented the Dave Reid Award to farmers and ranchers for excellence and innovation in producing ecosystem services.
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Rhonda King joins ALUS Canada

Posted May 2, 2019 in Alberta

PRESS RELEASE | ALUS Canada is proud to welcome a new staff member, Rhonda King, who came on board last month as our Western Canada Lead.
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VIDEO: Fully Implementing Wetland Policy in Alberta

Posted March 20, 2019 in Alberta

Speaking at the Edmonton Convention Centre on March 20, 2019, ALUS Canada’s CEO, Bryan Gilvesy, presented creative solutions to wetland restoration at the Rural Municipalities of Alberta’s Spring Convention.
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Care Runs in the Family

Posted January 30, 2019 in Alberta

ALUS Red Deer County participants Kevin and Roxanne Ziola manage 21 ALUS projects on Iron Kreek Ranch, a 1,600-acre cow/calf and lamb operation in Alberta .
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