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ALUS came to eastern Ontario in 2012. Today, Ontario East ALUS Inc. operates within the watersheds of the Raisin Region and South Nation Conservation Authorities, covering the geographic region of Eastern Ontario, between Ottawa and the Quebec border, and south-west to Maitland.

The program is overseen by a Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) comprised of voting members (farmers) and advisory members (agency and NGO staff). Currently, there are seven local farmers, comprising the voting members of the PAC, and seven non-voting members who provide advice and guidance.

ALUS Ontario East focuses on retiring marginal, inefficient and fragile farmland, and converting it into natural areas, such as pollinator habitat, hedgerows, wetlands, buffer zones, native meadows, reforested areas and wildlife habitat, complete with nest boxes for birds, bats and bees.

To be eligible, landowners must have a valid Farm Business Registration Number, and should be comfortable serving as a spokesperson for ALUS, willing and available to host demonstration tours on their farms.

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Flood Prevention in Eastern Ontario

Flood Prevention in Eastern Ontario

ALUS Ontario East participants explain how—and why—they do what they do. On a balmy day in early October, ALUS Ontario East participants Kurt MacSweyn, Mike MacGillivray, Christian Lalande, André Pommainville and Marc Bercier got ready to receive 45 guests on their...

Intact Announces Support for ALUS

Intact Announces Support for ALUS

PRESS RELEASE |  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Montreal, April 25, 2019 – ALUS Canada thanks Intact for nearly $250,000 to fund ALUS projects in three provinces. ALUS Canada is delighted to receive a generous donation of $248,850 in new funding from the Intact Foundation, in...

ALUS Ontario East Coordinator

Brendan Jacobs

Brendan Jacobs

18045 County Rd 2, PO Box 429, Cornwall ON K6H 5T2
[email protected]
613-938-3611 x234

Raison Region Conservation Authority

South Nations Conservation

SD&G Stewardship Council/Certified Forest Owners

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

Weston Family Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ontario Wildlife Foundation

Land Stewardship Habitat Rehabilitation Program (OMNR)

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