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The ALUS Lacombe program operates in the beautiful plains of central Alberta, north of Red Deer. ALUS Lacombe was established in January 2017 and was the 22nd ALUS community in Canada and the tenth in Alberta.

Recognizing the value of the agriculture industry in the economic, social, and historical fabric of local communities, while also understanding that agricultural activities have an impact on land and water resources, ALUS Lacombe establishes innovative projects that produce ecosystem services such as cleaner air, cleaner water and more biodiversity to benefit the environment and the community at large.

Specifically, ALUS Lacombe provides financial and technical support to Lacombe County’s agricultural producers and landowners in return for their active management of the ALUS projects established on their lands.

For more information, please contact the local ALUS Coordinator.

Lacombe County.

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ALUS Lacombe County: Making Great Strides

ALUS Lacombe County: Making Great Strides

ALUS Lacombe County hosted their first-ever public tour in July 2018 ALUS is making great strides in Lacombe County. The ALUS Lacombe County program only came into being in January 2017, and yet they were ready to host their first-ever public tour of ALUS projects in...

Blue Skies Award for Environmental Stewardship

Blue Skies Award for Environmental Stewardship

Congratulations to ALUS Mountain View, ALUS Lacombe and ALUS Red Deer County on their Blue Skies Award for environmental stewardship. On Clean Air Day, June 6, 2018, three ALUS programs in Alberta won the Blue Skies Award for taking exemplary steps to improve air...

ALUS Lacombe Coordinator

Ken Lewis

Ken Lewis

38106 Range Road 275,
Red Deer County, AB
T4S 2L9

[email protected]
t: 403-342-8653
c: 403-505-9038


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