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ALUS planted its roots in Elgin County in 2012, beginning with a pilot project in Bayham Township. In January of 2016, ALUS Bayham expanded to include the Townships of Malahide, Central Elgin, Southwold, Dutton-Dunwich and West Elgin.

ALUS Elgin partners with each Conservation Authority and other organizations in the region to develop projects and ideas that are best suited to the landowners’ needs and the priorities of Elgin County.

Local environmental issues, including gully and bank erosion, are considered priorities for the ALUS Elgin program, which aims to reduce sedimentation and phosphorus loading in our rivers and lakes.

As much of Elgin County is now battling the invasive Phragmites australis, controlling this species is now a priority on all wetland creation sites.

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Liaise and Learn: The Vital Role of Farmer Liaison

Liaise and Learn: The Vital Role of Farmer Liaison

Vital role of farmer liaisons highlighted at ALUS workshop funded by OTF More than 30 of Ontario’s ALUS program coordinators, farmer liaisons and Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC) members assembled in Elgin County on July 31, 2019, to learn more about the vital...

A Taste of ALUS at Queen’s Park

A Taste of ALUS at Queen’s Park

ALUS Canada and MPP Toby Barrett hosted a special reception at Queen’s Park on March 2019 in support of ALUS in Ontario. A special reception at Queen’s Park on March 19, 2019, brought together approximately 25 Ontario MPPs from all parties, ALUS supporters, partners,...

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