ALUS engages farmers and ranchers in creating nature-based solutions on their land to build climate resilience and enhance biodiversity for the benefit of communities and future generations. 

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Discover the only organization in North America delivering a turnkey agriculture-based ecosystem services program.

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Find tailor-made solutions to help your business, organization or foundation meet its nature and climate targets.

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Discover where ALUS communities are working to create solutions to local and global environmental challenges.

Investing in People

As the largest single group of landowners in North America, agricultural producers are in a unique position to provide solutions to some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Farmers and ranchers have the land, skills and knowledge to help develop and implement nature-based solutions that help reverse biodiversity loss, improve water quality and quantity, and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Through its farmer-led, turnkey program, ALUS is helping communities across North America engage farmers and ranchers in implementing regionally appropriate solutions to global environmental problems.

Delivering real results

ALUS communities support farmers and ranchers in building new acres of nature on marginal lands to enhance biodiversity, create habitat for wildlife and species at risk, improve water quality and quantity, reduce the risk of drought and flood, sequester and store carbon, and build community climate resilience. Every new acre of nature-based projects, like grasslands, tree and shrub plantings, and wetland and riparian restoration, delivers a suite of ecosystem services that benefit people and communities.

Discover how your business, organization or foundation can invest in the people who know how to care for the land best and deliver nature-based solutions that produce environmental, social and economic value.

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